How to get the Star Bus Pass for Students in Nagpur 2023

Are you a College or School student from Nagpur and Go to school/College through Public Transport like Busses then I hope you might know about the City Buss Pass for Students which was a Government scheme offered by the Government of India for Public Transport Purposes.

5 Steps to get City Bus Pass for Students in Nagpur 2023
5 Steps to get City Bus Pass for Students in Nagpur 2023

When you Go to College or school on a daily purpose then some of you might not afford to pay money all the time when you are going to college/schools, that why Government introduced Aapli Bus Service which provides you and Smartcard from which you can pay a cashless payment to the bus Conductor.

What is Buss Pass?

So Basically bus pass is an e-card or smartcard from which we can make an cashless payment to the conductor of City bus and these card are also divided in multiple categories like Bus Pass for Students, Bus pass for Employees, Bus Pass for Workers & etc. 

For Smart Card of City Bus you have to paid money once in the City Bus Office for your duration of time like for 3 months, 1 months & etc then they will provide you an e-card for travelling in City busses.

Student Bus Pass Online Application Form 2023

For the application form of City Buss, you have to visit directly to the office of a city bus for application form which is situated in Sitabuldi, This Application Form is not available on the internet due to its serial wise numbering, you have to go there are buy these Application forms for Student bus Pass for 5 Rupees and it is Original form, Xerox copy of the form will not Valid or accepted in city bus office, Nagpur.

Where you can Find the BUS Pass Office in Nagpur

Well, I personally lived in Nagpur and that's why I know about the bus pass office near me, back in 2019 before the Pandemic, I used the Smart Buss pass card for using public transport and at that time the bus pass office for city bus was situated just after the Main City Bus Stop in Sitabuldi.

Now in 2023 the Buss pass office has been shifted from that place, and it was available near the Sitabuldi Metro station on the third floor of the Manish Market Mobile Store.

How to Apply for a Student City bus pass in Nagpur in 2023

To Apply for a Student bus pass you have to follow the below steps and if you followed then I Guarantee you, that you can get your Student Bus Pass Quicky.

Step 1- You have to visit in the Office of City bus for the Application form for Smart Bus Pass Card.

Step 2- After getting the Form, you have to submit a letter to your school or college for a Bonafide Certificate application which we have to submit with the Application form.

Step 3- After getting Bonafide Certificate, Fill up the Student Bus Application form completely with your proper name & location from where you have to go ( i.e From Sitabuldi to Butibori )

Step 4- After filled the application form, now attached a Bonafide certificate with the Application form and submit it to the Principal of your school or college for getting his Signature on the Application form.

Step 5- After you get the Signature of the Principal on the Bus pass form, Directly go to the star bus office and submit it to them now they ask you how many months you have to active this Smartcard and make you pay for this duration of time respectively.

Step 6- By Completing this process you can get a Smart Card for City Bus.


So I hope you might clear the above Steps for Getting Bus Pass for Students in Nagpur and I hope you can get this quickly if you have any queries about the Apply process for a Student bus pass then feel free to ask your queries through the Comment box and also share it with your friends.