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Easiest Way to Understand What is Blogging all About | Learn From The Basic to Pro Level in Just 5 Minutes |

What Is Blogging: A Blog Is An Information Or Discussion Site Published On The Internet Consisting Of Informal, Usually Informal, Blog-style Text Posts. Blogs Are Usually Displayed In Reverse Chronological Order, With Recent Posts At The Top Of The Page, And The Oldest At The Bottom. In Informal Blogs, Comments Are Normally Permitted, Though Some Sites May Allow Posting Of Personal Messages. Most Blogs Provide Links To Other Related Blogs, A Favorite Of Many Readers, As Well As Links To Outside Websites.

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The History Of Blogging Dates Back To The Earliest Forms Of Electronic Communication, Such As Telex And Modems. A Blogger Does Not Necessarily Have To Be An Expert On Any Subject, But Must Be Able To Articulate An Opinion, Which Is Posted On The Site For All To Read. As Such, Blogging Was Primarily Done By Individuals Or Small Groups In The Presence Of Larger Groups. Bloggers Are Not Tied To A Particular Company, Organization, Or Person; They Can Write About Anything That Comes To Mind.

Blogging Allows You To Make Money Online Through The Links That You Will Leave Behind. You Can Post On Your Blog Subjects That You Know Your Audience Will Be Interested In Learning More About, Which Will Allow For Greater Visibility Of Your Blog Among Search Engines, And Thus Drive Traffic To Your Site. Your Blogging May Even Generate Buzz Around Your Business, Which Will Draw In More Interested Customers.

The Popularity Of Blogs Has Given Rise To What Is Called A Web Log, Also Known As A Blog Engine. These Web Log Sites Help You To Find Others With Similar Interests To Yours, And Discuss Common Topics, Organize And Publish Them, And Share Them With Their Fellow Bloggers. Web Logs Provide A Way For Readers To Support Each Other And Build Community Around Common Interests. In The Beginning, These Sites Were Mostly Informal, But Today Web Logs Are Quite Popular.

Blogging Works Best When It Is Promoted Well. If You Do Not Have The Budget To Pay Someone To Advertise On Your Behalf, Blogging Works Better When Promoted Yourself. To Do This, You Need A Blog Of Your Own That Can Be Promoted And Developed On Your Own. Many New Bloggers Start Off With A Free Blog. Building And Promoting This Blog Is Better Than Starting Off With Any Free Blog. It Is Generally Easier To Develop A Blog On Your Own Than To Purchase Advertising To Promote It.

There Are Many Different Ways To Promote A Blog Or Website. Permalinks Are One Way To Do This. A Permalink Is Simply A Link To Another Location On Your Blog, Usually In A Comments Section. The Better Bloggers Make Good Use Of Their Permalinks By Putting Them At Strategic Places In Their Posts, Including At The Bottom Of The Post And In The Author's Resource Box. This Makes The Links From The Permalinks To Your Blog And Websites More Natural.

One Of The Easiest Ways To Get People To Read Your Blog And Then Visit Your Website Is To Set Up Alerts For People To Sign Up For Your List. You Can Create A Simple Form For People To Enter Their Information And Then Submit Their Name And Email Address. Whenever New Blog Posts Are Created Related To The Subjects They Input, A Notification Is Sent To The User Letting Them Know. You Can Also Send These Notifications To Your List With Any New Blog Posts. By Setting Up These Alerts And Posting Relevant Blog Posts, You Can Attract People Easily And Interest Them In Your Blogging Activities.

Finally, To Help You Understand What Blogging Is, You May Want To Consider Using An Online Portfolio. An Online Portfolio Will Allow You To Put Together A Basic Blog Setup, But Will Also Include Some Other Writings. When You Set Up Your Online Portfolio, You Can Simply Take Screenshots Of Articles You've Written, Or You Can Upload Videos Of Yourself Speaking. This Will Allow You To Showcase Your Writing Skills In A Way That Makes It Easier To Attract People To Your Blog. By Having An Online Portfolio, You Will Be Making It Much Easier To Get Your Message Across To Potential Clients Who May Not Realize You're A Blogger Until After You Have Written An Article On Your Specific Niche.

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