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Diffrence Between Dofollow Backlinks and NoFollow Backlinks in SEO

"What Are Nofollow And Dofollow Links?" You May Have Come Across This Term Before While Looking For Seo Articles. A Nofollow Link Is Just Like A Regular One, Except That The Link Does Not Follow The Page That It Is Located On In Google Or Any Other Search Engine. Search Engines Generally Consider Any Link On A Page To Be A Part Of That Page If It Has Been Connected To That Page By Another Website. While There Are A Number Of Different Types Of Links, The Most Popular Ones Include Text Links, Images, And Hyperlinks.

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Nofollow Links Are Important To Anyone Who Is Searching For Seo Articles. The Reason Behind This Is Simple. If An Article Were To Contain A Link To Only One Website Without Any Other Links Leading Back To It, The Search Engines Would Consider This Page As Spam. Because Of This, Many Websites Will Use Nofollow Backlink Properties On Their Pages. When A Visitor Clicks On One Of These Backlinks, Then The Targeted Site Will Take Its Place In The Search Engine Results, And The Links On The Other Pages Of The Site Will No Longer Be Counted As A "Backlink".

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However, The Link Still Remains, And Is Considered Part Of The Relevant Websites Traffic. The Main Reason That Search Engines Are Able To Detect These Backlinks Is Because They Follow All The Other Links On That Particular Page. When The Search Engine Sees That Only One Website Is Being Linked To, Then The Engine Will Consider The No-follow Backlink To Be A Valid One. This Is Very Different From The Non-replaces, Which Will Cause All The Other Links On The Page To Be Ignored By The Search Engines.

So Why Are These Important To Your Seo Efforts? Think About It... When An Article Is Linked Directly From An Article Directory, The Visitor Would Have Clicked On The Link In No Time At All, Even If He Wasn't Even Reading The Article That He Clicked On! This Is Because The Link Directories Will Provide The Anchor Text That The Visitor Is Looking For. If He Isn't Reading The Article, He Is Not Going To Give Much Attention To The Anchor Text, And He Will Not Likely Click On The Link That You Provide. In Addition, You Wouldn't Have Seen A Lot Of Traffic, Because The People That Clicked On Your Links Were Not Particularly Interested In Your Website, And So They Wouldn't Have Been Intending To Buy Anything After Clicking On Your Links.

What Are Nofollow Backlinks And Dofollow Links? Basically, They Are Links That Are Placed On Your Website With The Purpose Of No Longer Rendering That Link To The Search Engine Spiders. The Idea Is That The More Times The Search Engine Spiders Visit Your Website, Then The Higher The Ranking Your Website Will Receive. However, This Does Raise The Possibility Of Your Website Being Found By The Search Engines, Since The Search Engines Realize That Your Links Are Still There, Even Though No Longer Linking To Them. In Addition, If The Search Engines Detect That Your Website Has Hundreds Or Even Thousands Of Nofollow Backlinks, Then They Will Likely Penalize Your Site In Some Way.

How Are Nofollow Backlinks And Dofollow Links Different? Generally Speaking, Nofollow Backlinks And Dofollow Links Are Better Than Regular Backlinks, Because Nofollow Backlinks Prevent The Search Engines From Indexing Your Website Completely. As You Can Imagine, The Search Engines Will Still Find Your Website But They Will Not Be Able To Count On The Fact That Your Links Pointing Them To Your Site Are Valid. In The Case Of A Regular Backlink, The Search Engines Can Rely On The Fact That Your Website Did Receive A Valid Point Of Origin, Even If Nofollow Backlinks And Dofollow Links Prevent That From Happening. However, Nofollow Backlinks And Dofollow Links Are Better In Most Cases Because They Actually Prevent The Search Engines From Indexing Your Website At All.

An Additional Note About Nofollow Backlinks And Dofollow Links: If You Own A Website, You Should Seriously Consider Using Them. If You Own A Website, You Have To Make Sure That The Content On That Website Is Informative And Interesting To Your Visitors. Otherwise, It Is Possible That Your Website Could End Up Getting Unfairly Affected By The Nofollow Attribute On Certain Search Engines. Therefore, As Tempting As It May Seem, You Should Try To Create Your Own Content So That Your Website Can Remain Relevant To Your Visitors And Search Engines.

In Summary, Nofollow And Dofollow Backlinks Are Not Necessarily Bad Things. In Most Cases, These Types Of Backlinks Actually Help Search Engines Discover Your Website And Provide Them With Information About What Type Of Site You Have. However, Nofollow Backlinks And Dofollow Links Should Always Be Used With Caution. In Particular, If You Have A Website That Contains Non-relevant Or Spammy Content, Using These Types Of Backlinks Could Have A Negative Effect On The Ranking Of Your Website In Search Engines. Always Take Care With What You Submit To The Various Search Engines And Do Your Best To Ensure That Your Website Is Relevant To Your Users And Has No Effect On The Ranking Of Your Site By Other Search Engines.

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